May 19th 2016

·····in the afternoon—grass clippings under her
I wrote and rewrote yesterday’s haiku. I may finally have it the way I want it. Nice thing is, having almost written 200 haiku, I feel as though the whole of the collection is like a larger poem; and maybe something I can be pleased with.
I think about these little poems on and off through the day.
When I’ve written my 366th haiku, I’m not sure I’ll want to stop. It’s easy to be swept up by life and altogether forget the small defiances of writing. I have, at times.
195 May 19 2016 | bottlecap

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  1. Hi found your site today whilst looking for something else altogether. It’s really nice – has a very welcoming feel! (My own site is just random ramblings about things loosely held together with wine.) But in my more serious life I write haiku.
    I did a “haiku year” when my daughter was born – 19 years ago. She was born in January so, as she developed so did the year. I’m glad I did it – something for her when/if she has a child but at the end of it I was sick to the back teeth of writing them. I’m guessing by looking at your site you did carry on writing them? I had a huge break but slowly got pulled back in.
    I think now they made me a far better writer – as in when I write serious stuff not my “drink wine” stuff.
    Nice block prints too! I’ll explore more tomorrow but you made my WordPress night! I loved your Welcome to people from other parts of the world too. (I’m in the UK and it’s good to be reassured there’s lots of you over there who judge people by their hearts. I think it’s haiku thing – it’s hard to distill beauty down to 17 syllables and see hate as anything other than a lot of unnecessary baggage.


    • How nice to hear from you. I suspected I wasn’t the first to have written a year’s worth of haiku; and will have to look at yours. After my first year-long cycle, it only took several days before I missed writing them. :) I love writing them. I’ve always been a miniaturist at heart.

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