April 18th 2016

a week
····without rain—the dirt as white
········as the sun
The soil already begins to feel like sand underfoot; but the hillsides remain as barren as mid-winter. A short winter has made for a long spring.
164 April 18th 2016 | bottlecap

2 responses

  1. We in my acre of NC had a bad drought last summer—and swarms of gnats like I’ve never seen before. One needed a netmask to work in the fields. Fire ants, unknown before 1995, are now everywhere. The drought ended in a August-long monsoon. And so the weather goes from one extreme to the other, often in the space of one season. Are y’all seeing this in Vermont too?


    • Yeah, we’re seeing this in Vermont too. Can’t say that we really had a winter, just a long fall and long spring. And fire ants? I remember those in Houston. Used to let them bite me in the interest of science. Glad I’m not living in the south. Figure if I live long enough, the south will come to me — climate and maybe politics too.


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