February 29th 2016

Shouldn’t something special happen on leap day?—as if we’d slipped into a world that only existed every four years.
····on leap day—the girl counting
Numbers. I count everything, and maybe she does too, wondering if there isn’t one more of everything?
115 February 29th 2016 | bottlecap

One response

  1. I count everything, too. Any number of reasons I suppose,but it was maybe twenty-five years ago at a leisurely but long policy discussion one of the women participants made some comment to the effect that “there’s another one of Hendrik’s numbers. Must be a guy thing.” And then tagged me thereafter every time I did it. I had no idea I did that. But I think she was on to something about it’s guy-relatedness. We count, we measure, we weigh, we watch clocks, check speed, even something as imprecise as ‘armfuls’. It’s too simple-minded to say quantitative/qualitative because any quantity of something is of something other with qualities. George Miller’s paper Seven Plus or Minus Two made a big impression o0nme, although after I read i concluded I was pretty much in the minus two category (and these daze [deliberate pun] it feels more like minus four).


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