February 11th 2016

····in her hair, she reads by the roadside
One squall after another today. I drove home slowly. The cold temperatures felt good and the air was clean. I saw a woman I’ve never seen before, almost in the road.
97 February 11th 2016 | bottlecap

2 responses

  1. Change of pace for me today: solo commute in the Queen City ( I so rarely leave Orleans County). I’m looking forward to driving with the window at least partly open despite the near-zero temps & wind chills, and to seeing lots of new faces.

    • Won’t be driving with any windows open this morning. It’s negative 10F. The bird feeder was empty. Filled that first thing this morning. After all the work I’ve done insulating the house (originally an old barn) I’ve finally noticed a difference this morning. The house isn’t 45 degrees. Took insulating the gable end and replacing all the old windows and reducing glass-age (that being the technical term for fenestration).

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