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  1. You seem to be more warmly prolific in winter, a time when I more or less shut down poetically. Well, I did manage this–

    my crystal coma

    the joy of when it

    • Yeah, I’m hoping to change that. I’m thinking now, in addition to writing a haiku a day I’d like to write a poem a month. I’m working on one now.

      I wrote last night’s haiku in a half-awake daze. I’ve revised it this morning and I think it’s much better now — simpler and possibly more poetic. Just a poetic image–and maybe that’s enough–trying to capture the mood of the season.

    • By the way, rushing to get out the door, I realized I didn’t comment on your haiku–like linked haiku. Nice. Are you starting to enjoy these, maybe a little?

  2. I’ve enjoyed them from the beginning—especially their spontaneous, evocative imagism. You would seem to be the perfect fit for New England winters. When it gets that cold here in NC I mainly think about my propane bill. I have to keep one room at least at “instant July.” Tried to heat with wood once but it worked me to death.

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