February 8th 2016


Today is the Chinese New Year. 1966 was the year of the Fire Horse. I was born at Midnight. Asked whether I should be born on the 7th or 8th, the answer was: Always look forward.

It begins to snow tonight.


I recall nights like these when I was a teenager. The night was so dark that I couldn’t see the road, neighboring fields, or even my own hand. I learned to follow the road by following the elevated middle. If I stepped too far to the right or left, I could feel the grade descending to the ditch. If there was just a little light, I walked looking at the branches overhead. I followed the narrow roadway of stars made by the road’s passage between the trees.


····into and out of the steetlights’


Tonight is just as dark but for the further street lights. The snow is felt on the skin, but only seen in the blizzard beneath the streetlights.


94 February 8th 2016 | bottlecap


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