January 30th 2016


····thaw—leaning to look at my leaning


Stacking firewood is an art form I might, before I die, master. I’ve seen firewood stacked that would outlast the pyramids. The splits fit together like pieces of a puzzle and the covered wood has never seen a drop of rain. The castles at the ends are works of art. Mine have fallen over—and the same pile—more than once. The trick is to lean like the woodpile. That makes it look plumb.


85 January 30th 2016 | bottlecap

From Snow to Snow

Last week I picked up a small book for my little Robert Frost collection:

The first photo is a little blurry. Sorry ’bout that. Found it at an antique store and couldn’t resist. Never even knew it existed. If you, like me, uselessly collect books (like this one) for no reason whatsoever, more copies at a (for now) reasonable price, can be had at Amazon. That old folding rule belonged to my grandfather. He was a Physician rather than a builder, but had a few, little, nice tools that I still use. Makes me think maybe I oughtta’ put together a little collection of my own poems like this.