January 15th 2016

Driving past the bookstore I almost stopped. I just like bookstores; have books I haven’t read yet; don’t need more books; and love buying books. I like browsing. The bookstore in Manchester, Vermont is one of my favorites, has lots of nooks and crannies with places to sit and hide with a book, must-have bric-à-brac, garden buddhas, café and snack bar. Used books are mixed in with new.


····the girl absorbed by the book, the boy
········by the girl


I fell in love once with a girl reading a book. Though I never saw her again, she was one of my most memorable love affairs. I almost made the first line ‘longing for spring—’, to keep the haiku seasonal. This is more of a senryu, I suppose, but I liked the mystery of simply—longing.


70: January 15th 2016 | bottlecap

5 responses

    • Oh, hey! I was in that bookstore once with the family coming back from Maine three or four years ago. That’s really too bad. I liked that one. Why did they go out of business?


  1. On a day which started in ice anxiety (gettin’ creaky, you know) now eased considerably by a growing coating of snow and having sent out for review an anguished plaint about Maine legislators’ refusal to even consider our Governor’s unconscionable executive behavior, I was blissfully reminded by today’s contribution, Patrick, of what’s REALLY more important and certainly fun in life . . .


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