January 10th 2016

Today was overcast—rained all day. I went out in a momentary break. A fresh gust of wind and rain caught me midway. I always end up enjoying the rain.


····rain—roads reflecting headlights
········at noon


I loaded three logs into the woodstove. Four would have been too many, warm as it’s been; but the stove nicely dries out the house. I climbed into the loft and took some Frost with me, a little collection entitled: You Come Too. My copy has written in it:

To Nana on her Birthday: You are my favorite person and I love you always.

Oct 4th 1972


An ephemeral glimpse of life in and outside the book. I have other books signed and dated from the 17th century. They’re not valuable but I like them for their beauty. I think I should sign all my books for the next reader. Let them close their eyes as they hold them. Hear the music I listened to, tonight the Art of the Fugue, as I read, children close by, a blanket to keep me warm, a little while alive, curious and expressive.


····on the crow’s shoulder—


65: January 10th 2016 | bottlecap


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