January 7th 2016


····the earth’s shadow moving across
············the stars


Usually my work is to the east and my drive home is westerly. In winter, when the sunrise is late and the sunset early, I see both, the road ahead and a beautiful sky.


62: January 1st 2016 | bottlecap

2 responses

  1. Up here in the Northeast Kingdom, I almost always (in winter, anyway) have the pre-dawn moon (& this past week, Venus and Saturn) staring down on me over my left shoulder. My commute, from Barton to Hardwick, is only about 23 miles, but I have Rte 16 all to myself most days so I feel like I own the universe. I’m really glad I found your blog!


    • I remember driving home one night, on 132 along the Pompy, and seeing the Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn hanging like pendants from the moon. Incredible. I called up my kids to run out and look before I got home. So many roads follow brooks and rivers in Vermont that we get spoiled. One of my favorite drives is Route 100 — anywhere. Lately I’ve been driving south on 100 from Route 4. There’s always something beautiful at every stretch — homes tucked tightly against the slope of a mountain, lakes, one after another, and then a climb out of the meandering valley and a vista that overlooks miles and miles of forests, mountains, ski slopes and villages. I know exactly what you mean by owning the universe. I really take pleasure in driving, even in to and from work, and now that I’m getting old(er), I drive the speed limit or less and let others pass me.

      And hey Ron, take a look at this Sonnet I wrote a little while ago. Fellow Vermonter that you are, I think you’ll appreciate it.


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