December 29th 2015

The winter’s first snow—about five inches; but less like a snow than pellets of ice. The brook immediately behind our house is hemmed in by the ice and snow, a narrow channel that makes the cold water run all the quicker.

····in her mother’s steps—one trail
·········· in the snow


Remembering when my daughters were younger. So much easier in deep snow, when you’re little, to follow in another’s steps.

····the snowstorm—the crows are still


When all else is white, even the evergreens. Juncos visited under the bridge, looking for fallen sunflower seeds.


53: December 29th 2015 | bottlecap

3 responses

  1. My partner asked me what I was doing with the pictures I just sent you in response to today’s haibun image and then she got interested in what haibun were and why and as we were reading what you wrote December 29 I noticed for the first time that the snowflakes on your page are not just in the cardinal woodcut but over the entire page. They’re even sprinkling on these words as I write them. Neat! As are these visits of yours with us every morning when I first power up . . .


    • Thanks so much for the pictures! :-) I received them while working on the post immediately following this one. Worthy of Issa! Even dogs, you know, don’t mind a few footprints to follow in. I’m going out next to check my mailbox.


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