December 28th 2015

I cheat. I continually edit my haiku, yesterday’s especially. I think I’ve made it much better.

I just discovered, after an idle search, that 212 ‘new’ haiku by Buson were recently discovered. Given that Buson is considered one of Japan’s three great poets—the discovery is akin to discovering new Odes by John Keats or sonnets by Donne.

I live in hope that a new Cantata by JS Bach will be discovered, or a new concerto.

But besides dreaming on art by greater minds than mine, I drove down by the river to look at another job. There was enough sun for shadows and a tint of gold to speckle the gray trees. After so much rain, there were clear pools and ponds.


····in the water—not even the winter’s


As though the landscape still waited for the first snow with perfect stillness. I almost wondered where the mosquitoes were, and the peepers. Still no sign of winter.


52: December 28th 2015 | bottlecap


  • I’ve gone back and numbered my haiku—the numbers appended to the dates. Yesterday was my 50th. I’ve also added the category A Haiku Year in the event any reader wants to see all the haiku under one category heading.

6 responses

    • Ha! Well… you know there’s this sort-of myth (opportunistically perpetuated by Japanese poets themselves) that the writing of a haiku is a spiritual event; and if it doesn’t come all at once with a profound burst of Zen insight, then it’s merely the desku (or desk ku) of the pretender.

      This, at least, is how any self-respecting Japanese poet likes to be perceived (because image is everything).

      So, if I’m going to write haiku in the Japanese manner, then pretensions are as important as the product. Be it known that all my haiku are expressions of spontaneous spiritual enlightenment. I mean, if we’re really going to be the Lance Armstrong’s of poetry, we have to pretend we’re untouchable masters of our respective sports — arts? — crafts? right? ;-)


    • “Eureka-ness.” That has just got to be the title of my book on haiku. Love that. Yes, eureka-ness. If you’re ever asked how or when you wrote your haiku, lie. The eureka-ness of your image is everything.


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