December 1rst 2015| a jay’s sreech


a jay’s
····screech—December’s ice-storm turning



25: December 1rst 2015


The morning began with indefinite clouds and blue sky between. The sun caught in the highest trees; but by noon the rain began. The roads and trees had soaked in the 18 degree nights; and the sticking rain turned to ice. Getting home was slow and, once home, the world was a quiet place. The grass and stones glistened. I heard a jay’s cry off in the blue-stained hillside.


a jay’s
screech—the ice-storm turning the hillside


I’ve been reading Bamhill’s translation of Basho’s haiku — my favorite. I notice that Basho often revised or tweaked his haiku, and sometimes couldn’t seem to settle on a favored try. I guess I join him in that tradition.

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