November 29th 2015 | chickadees


····and stove-ash coming and going—



23: November 29th 2015


I finally put the bird seed out. I used to feed them year round but we began to be overrun by rodents—mice, rats, voles, nattering and quarrelling squirrels. The mice liked to store the seeds in our walls. I replaced a window this summer and the space between the jamb and rough opening was stuffed full of seeds—years and years of them. I’ve also hung the feeder over the brook immediately  behind our house. The water carries away any seeds the birds drop. It didn’t take long for the chickadees to find the feeder. A pair of cardinals, long-time residents in our back wood, also showed up. The chickadees reminded me of snow the way they’d come and go out of the fir trees.

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