November 25th 2015 | spider


····crawling for warmth under the heel
···········of my boot



19: November 25th 2015


  • Lunch was sitting by a wood-stove. We had to keep the doors open, for work, though it was cold outside. We kept the wood-stove loaded with wood. I noticed a spider had come over the door sill. It came across the white tile, slow and cold, until it finally crawled beneath the heel of my boot. I carefully stood some twenty minutes later.

3 responses

  1. I’ve been following these daily posts. Your post haiku commentary has reminded me of some of your observations on the boxed introductions to my poems in Stone Whisperer five years ago. But because they definitely add something to my poetry experience with you the past several weeks I’ve paid attention. And then I began to wonder how you might construct non-haiku poetry to capture the total experience you offer – haiku plus commentary. That would be, in this case, the building task, the weather setting, (i.e., the context) the crawly visitor(the consequence of warmth), and the punchline – feeling/being immobile for twenty minutes out of care, respect, life . . . whatever. My point, I guess, is that you’re clearly doing more than just the haiku Might you take a next step?


    • Yes, I’ve been wondering about that too, though not quite in the same direction. In truth, I’m not really writing Haiku, but Haibun (a mix of haiku and narrative prose). And then I began to wonder if I could create a larger narrative. I don’t know. But my answer is that I’ve already taken the next step. I’m already working within a well-established literary tradition — the haibun. But you intend for me to put the haiku and prose together into a “proper” poem. On a daily basis? That’s more than I’m good for, I’m afraid; and not all the topics would make a good poem—just as not all thematic ideas make a good symphony.


    • It was my ignorance of haibun that sent me in the direction i went and to make me seem more pushy than i intended. I will start to attend with different pairs of eyes and ears. Thanks.


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