November 21rst 2015 | frozen apples



····let go—the bare tree’s red, frozen



15 November 21rst  2015


  • This was a wonderful year for apples. The trees are still full of them though their leaves are long gone. They can be beautiful like this. In the river valley, where there hasn’t yet been a hard frost, they’re still good for saucing—lots of sugar if a little soft.


····filled with frozen apples—feeling

2 responses

  1. I am in the Catskills and know exactly how you feel. I did pick some–but so many–and I go eat the frozen ones, but some are too high and the trees can hardly be shaken now what with the animal visitors having been below! Lovely short poem. Thanks. k.


    • Under many of the trees, the ground is carpeted by apples — an embarrassment of riches left to rot. I know by February I’ll be starved for a decent apple. I used to visit San Diego with its neighborhoods full of orange and lemon trees. The owners would let them fall and rot. I was floored. If I lived there, I would poison myself (overdose on Vitamin C) gorging on them.


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