November 20th 2015 | flowerbed


····opening umbrellas— late November’s



14: November 20th 2015


  • It rained all day, real November weather but for the warmth. A row of little girls waited outside the library. They stood in the mud and their umbrella’s were like flowers.

2 responses

  1. I have never liked haiku but so what. I was interested in the fact that you are an admirer of Hayden Carruth, for a time, a Vermont based poet. His poetry and his life are worth reading about and I am glad to know others truly appreciate one of our true American originals.


    • I am an admirer of Hayden Carruth’s best poems. Currently, Green Mountain Idyl and Regarding Chainsaws are the two poems I could read every day. Nothing wasted. If you know of others of a like quality, let me know. Often, though, I get the feeling his poetry can be a little too pleased with itself, and I wonder whether his intended audience wasn’t himself. He’ll write for pages with nothing to say other than the satisfaction of having said it.


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