November 17th 2015


····with leaves—the wind scatters the laundry-line’s



11 November 17th  2015


  • So often November can be wet and dreary; but this year it’s been the most beautiful month. The sun has been out and warm. I hung the laundry out to dry today. Not all of it stayed on the line.

2 responses

  1. Patrick, I am in Florida for the winter and it’s good to hear that November’s been a soft month for hanging panties in Vermont. Oh,those troublesome delicates.


    • So troublesome. They never seem to stay where one puts them. In Florida, eh? Well, have a coconut and think of me. Haven’t been to Florida in 20 years. Used to visit when I was a child in the early 70’s — fond memories. Being a Bernie Sanders Vermonter, though, the politics in Florida is enough to keep me away.


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