Three Summer’s Erotic Haiku

the heat!
············for the wet spot.·



····she brushes wild-flowers from her floral



····on her back—rain pooling



3: Three Summer’s Erotic Haiku • November 9  2015


  • The first haiku is a bit of a joke, obviously; but the joke is a stab at Japanese haiku. Anyone who’s read enough Japanese haiku will recognize the common complaint—’The Heat!’ It seems to have been a tradition that included Basho, Buson and Issa, among others, to begin their haiku that way. Thought I’d give it my own irreverent twist.

3 responses

  1. Later . . . em dash, Patrick??

    When I was growing up all those decades ago, it was always later . . . comma!

    Of course, you knew I’d like this . . . . ;-)


    • Well, you know, I thought about that. But I kind of like my em-dashes in haiku. I guess I’ve developed my own style, and I like the “cutting word” effect of the em-dash. I also like that the em-dash puts a little more emphasis on the later-ness of the ‘later’—more of a pause. Dickinson’s em-dashes used to really annoy me, but I get it. They’re kind of—addictive?


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