B&W Angel (Block Print)I just noticed the count this morning. And I’m a little embarrassed because I’ve written so little this autumn. I have been responding to all who comment on my posts (so I’m still here and alive). I’m hoping (and I want) this Winter to be more productive.

At the top of my list is to write about Donne’s Fifth Holy Sonnet. This was a recent request by Melissa commenting on Donne’s Sonnet Forgive & Forget. I also attended a poetry reading in my own area and met Peter Money, a local Vermont poet and publisher who recently published a collection of poetry by Saadi Youssef. I feel quite remiss in not having mentioned his book yet. I have a second post on writing Iambic Moon & Children (Rich Ink) (Block Print)Pentameter that needs to be finished. I’d also like to discuss Antonin Scalia’s “originalist” reading of the Constitution as it relates to interpreting poetry. And, lastly, I have a couple of my own poems I’d like to finish and publish. So, let’s see how I do this coming Winter.

In the meantime, I do want to mention Sandy Hook. The shooting breaks my heart. I have three happy, curious and playful daughters going through elementary school. I’m sure I’m no different than anyone else (or any other parent) who, by turns, has experienced grief, anger,  hope and hopelessness. I’ve been spending extra time with my daughters and giving them a few more hugs and kisses — gratitude for life. My heart breaks for the grieving parents. There’s been too much of it: Sandy Hook, Norway, Colorado, Syria, Pakistan. Let there be a little extra love to go around this Christmas and New Year.  And peace.

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  1. Congratulations, Patrick! That’s a great milestone to have made. Maybe you’re zeroing in on yet another record in 2013; let’s hope so! I’m working on the Vermont Poetry Newsletter, and may have it to you by the end of the weekend. Right now, my daughter’s home for Christmas, and we’re having a baby shower for her Saturday. Hence, I’ve been cleaning the house and doing any number of projects to get the house ready for inspection! I even missed the annual Christmas gathering this afternoon of the Otter Creek Poets, a sacrifice I felt was necessary this year.

    The Sandy Hook affair has really had an effect on the entire nation, and especially on gun control. Let’s hope something finally comes of it, but I don’t give it a whole lot of hope. I think legislation might end up watered down. I went by Rutland’s gun dealer late one night this week, and he looked busier than a bee colony. I guess gun owners are probably rushing to get their orders for assault weapons in before any legislation is passed. Is there no end to stupidity? Down south, I’m guessing that there’s a Glock in every stocking this year. I’d like to see a poem in every stocking; how about you?

    Here’s wishing you and yours a safe, happy holiday.

    Ron Lewis Vermont Poetry Newsletter


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