Birchsong: Poetry Centered in Vermont

  • April is a busy month for poetry in Vermont. Expect more announcements, and I’ll hope that some of you are in the area.

A new anthology of contemporary Vermont poetry, Birchsong: Poetry Centered in Vermont, published by The Blueline Press, includes work by 56 poets living in Vermont or closely connected with the state. The book’s 92 poems reflect a place where living is dictated by the seasons, farming is a way of life, and towns may have only one main street. But for all the appeal of its picturesque landscape and simplicity of rural life, Vermont, in this volume, is not portrayed as a Norman Rockwell painting. While some poems describe real “Vermonters,” those born to the land, others are from the perspective of those who have discovered it. All the poems, whether narrative or reflective, open a window on a region of contradictions where natural beauty and neglect, wealth and poverty, often exist side by side.

Birchsong editors are Alice Wolf Gilborn, Carol Cone, Brenda Nicholson, and Monica Stillman. Guest editor Rob Hunter, who teaches English at Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester, is the author of a book of poetry, September Swim. Birchsong’s colorful covers were painted by Burr and Burton’s art teacher, Betsy Hubner, who also did the interior artwork.

Description: 128 pp, b&w illustrations, four-color cover, front and back
Price: $15.00

Publisher: The Blueline Press, Danby, Vermont
Date of publication: February 2012
Printed by: The Shires Press at the Northshire Bookstore, Manchester, Vermont

Available from the Northshire Bookstore
4869 Main Street, Manchester Center, VT 05255

  • News: We have 18 to 20 poets who will be reading and more who are coming to listen. Stop by the Northshire Bookstore on April 14 at 3:00 p.m.

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