Summer Work & Play

Just a brief note to all my subscribers.

I’m still alive. Summer carpentry has picked up and I haven’t had it in me to sit at the computer during the summer evenings. I promise all, especially those who have recently subscribed, that I’ll get back to poetry soon.

I’ve started a novel set in Vermont. Once I have the first several chapters, I may post them.

I’ve also been working on poetry, naturally enough, and there are several poems I’d like to analyze. But  summer’s green invitation idles at the door and my children won’t let me be. So, I’ve been enjoying a sort of summer vacation. Send me a note if any of you are dying to have me discuss a given poem. Next in line is a poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson.

Anyway, I’m here. I continue to respond to any and all comments.

❧ Patrick Gillespie