Vermont Poetry Update • April 6 2011

Vermont Poetry Update

[The Vermont Poetry Newsletter & Update is not issued by me but by Ron Lewis, by whose permission I post this. ]
  • Dear Poets: Two quality poetry events have come to my attention immediately following the last VPN (Vermont Poetry Newsletter). As the next VPN is planned for April 22 (estimated date), I felt you should be made aware of these unusually fine readings. ~ Ron Lewis

Sun, Apr 10: Misty Valley Books, Main Street – On The Green, Chester, 4:00 p.m..


Full House at Misty Valley Books

Susanne Dubroff and Chard deNiord. Don’t miss this reading by two wonderful poets. Susanne Dubroff will be reading from One Remaining Star, recently published by WordTech Editions, and is a second collection of poetry by Dubroff. Daughter of a German mother and Russian father, Dubroff’s family left pre-war Germany when Adolf Hitler, in his steady rise to power, declared Jews “staatenlos” (stateless).The family’s emigration followed a circuitous route, finally bringing them to America when Dubroff was 8 years old. Her twin mother-tongues, German and Hebrew, were only later followed by English, which her mother was never comfortable speaking, even in this country. Perhaps this early splicing of tongues was a contributing factor, Dubroff wonders, to her first becoming a translator of poetry (Rene Char, from the French; Gustavo Adolpho Becquer from 19th century Spanish) and then, a poet herself. One Remaining Star is a collection of poems that deserves to be read. Chard deNiord will be reading from The Double Truth, published in 2011 by the University of Pittsburgh Press. No less than Ruth Stone, Vermont’s current Poet Laureate, says, “Whether the language is rough and obscure or delicate and precise, this is Chard deNiord’s finest book. Philosophical and passionate, he poses this question: within the enigma of life, how can we know? And who will not remember the ecstasy of love when reading his lines” . . . We were in two places at once like a wire, stretched out between the cathodes of our desire. So bare and live the ether hummed like a swarm inside the air.” Peter Campion adds, “Very few contemporary poets render, as uniquely as Chard deNiord does, the sheer wonder of being. Our world shines up from his lines and sentences with all its original splendor and strangeness. In deNiord’s spectacular gaze, old binaries of reality and dream, bitterness and love, joke and revelation, fuse into a beautiful whole. deNiord is a visionary and The Double Truth is a vital book. Info, 875-3400,

Thu, Apr 28: St. Michael’s College, St. Edmund’s Hall, Farrell Room, 1 Winooski Park, Colchester, 7:00 p.m..

The Word Exchange: Anglo-Saxon Poems in Translation. Join in a reading from The Word Exchange: Anglo-Saxon Poems in Translation, the acclaimed 2010 (Norton publishers) book co-edited by SMC poet/professor Greg Delanty. Poets included in the anthology who will read include David Cavanagh, Greg Delanty, Major Jackson, Jay Parini, and Elizabeth Powell. SMC Associate Professor of English Kerry Shea will read Old English versions of poems. Sponsored by The Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers (ALSCW).

Ron Lewis
Editor, VPN

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