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  1. Sympathy from Hendrik and Hogan, whose connection, too, is deep and also long; being accepted as a member of the pack and all that entails is special in any of our lives. Go and go on gracefully, both of you.


    • Thank you. Right now, the hole in my heart is raw and big.

      All I can think about – to the end – he just wanted to be wherever I was, next to me, with me. To the very end, he wanted to be ‘good’ and my companion.


  2. A nice tribute to a loved one. I lost my dog in 2007 and still miss him even though he did not always want to be good. He, in fact, delighted in his naughtiness. Still we loved him.


    • I rescued my dog. I think his previous owners must have abused him.

      He was very frightened at first. Once he understood that I wasn’t going to beat him, he seemed so grateful. He was one of gentlest and sweetest souls I’ve ever known in a dog – so grateful for love.

      Now I wish I’d given him more… sigh…


  3. Hey Patrick, I had a cat called Bjorn. He was my first love and saw me through my entire childhood. And yes, I named him after a member of ABBA, but that never stopped him from loving me more than anyone else in his entire world. Pets become part of the family. And losing them is gut wrenching. Get some rest. Best wishes, Emma


    • I remember my very first pet, a cat. She was black. I was barely 2 years old. Her name was Lucas and she used to sleep with me at night.

      At that age, I was growing up in an apartment in Berlin. My bed was in a nook, pressed against a chimney of some sort. The wall was warm so both of us would sleep against it to keep warm. (Don’t mean to make it sound so David Copperfield.)


  4. So so sorry. It’s crazy how painful the loss of a dog is. Perhaps because the dog is so loving, perhaps because one feels so responsible for it.


    • It’s crazy how painful the loss of a dog is. Perhaps because the dog is so loving, perhaps because one feels so responsible for it.

      I’ve had that same thought and I agree. I think it’s because they’re so trusting and put so much faith in us. Having to let him go broke my heart. There was always such joy, inquisitiveness and unique intelligence in his eyes. He’s irreplaceable.


  5. So sorry for your loss. :-( A dog you have had for 14 years… He was a family member. Let mourning take the time it needs. So sad they don’t get older. Not looking forward to the day I will have to let my beautiful boy go.


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