á la Maison ❧ un sonnet délicieux

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Want to hear me reading it?

Do better? Read the poem. Send me a recording and I’ll post it here. I’d love to hear how others read it.

12 responses

  1. I love it! I wish I could say more about how you conjure the scene like a one-act play–full of humor, yes, but also of innuendo and your own commentary on the unintended pretenses (pretensions?)thus the vacuity of the high life.


  2. Not the NYC I recognise (being ever the tourist) but a welcome and amusing aspect nonetheless. The words are well-chosen and it seems to me the sonnet requires careful reading – the recording is definitely a plus. Thanks for sharing.


    • I went to Sarah Lawrence College, just North of NYC.

      In and around New York City I managed to glimpse high society (way out of my depth). The sonnet is fantasy but there’s also some truth to it.


  3. for me, poetry is best when it is about what you know/experience but after you have stirred or shaken that a little or a lot… and, as for being out of your depth, the sonnet seems to turn the table with your playful regard for that not so high society :-)


    • Hey Rob, thanks for reading! I’ve been working on a novel, so I haven’t posting much of anything. I owe another book review though — so I need to get busy on that. This sonnet was a lot of fun to write. It stymied me in a couple places though – made me sweat.


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