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Here’s a web site you might not have heard of. The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog…Period.

Tom Dhorman, the site’s Managing Editor, contacted me and asked if I would mention their new and upcoming (this Sunday – Aug. 15) USTREAM broadcast: The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog Live. He tells me that “the show’s primary focus [will be] discussion of literary news from the past week and to engage the audience in an open dialogue (via the social stream chat box)”.

The website itself was started at the end of 2008 and was inspired by the blogger Cortnee Howard. She wanted to move from the blog format to something more newspaper-like. To that extent, one of the site’s goals is to provide a centralized source of daily news for writers in all genres – and that includes poetry. And it’s working. While not yet within the top 100,000, they’re closing in.

One of the site’s more refreshing attributes? An avoidance of the overly academic language and rhetoric typifying so many other literary websites. You don’t have to have an MFA to join the conversation. Tom tells me: “…many of our posts are AP style, on the shorter side and rather lighthearted. We want people to enjoy literary discussion.”