Vermont Poetry Newsletter • May 15 2010

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Vermont Poetry Newsletter

Your Poetry & Spoken Word Gateway in the Green Mountain State
May 12, 2010 (Previous issue: 04/20) – In This Issue:

  1. About VPN/How To Print
  2. Newsletter Editor’s Note
  3. Writing Assignment/Suggestion/Exercise/Prompt
  4. One in 8,700: Leonard Gibbs
  5. Hunter, Fargnoli & Mayo reading: RSVP!
  6. Burlington Poetry Journal: Mud Season Issue Available
  7. Angela Patten’s Writing Memoir Course
  8. Joni Cole’s Workshops
  9. April Ossmann’s Workshop
  10. Poetry Advice Column: How can you be a poet every day?
  11. Haijinx: The Quarterly is back!
  12. Haijinx: Do Metrics Matter? Notes on Renku.
  13. Haijinx: About John Carley
  14. Robert Hass: On Whitman’s ‘Song of Myself’
  15. Song of Myself by Walt Whitman
  16. In a Small Town, the Giants of Poetry for 20 Years
  17. Poetic Connections: Art as Aphrodisiac
  18. Metapoetry
  19. It’s Only Rhyming Quatrains, But I Like It
  20. Did You Know? Bread Loaf Poet Jennifer Grotz
  21. Ponderings: Greetings from Robert Frost
  22. Poetry Quote – Margaret Atwood
  23. Failbetter Poem
  24. Linebreak Poem
  25. Copper Canyon Press Poem
  26. American Life in Poetry Poems
  27. US Poets Laureate List
  28. Vermont Poet Laureates
  29. US Poet Laureates From Vermont
  30. New Hampshire Poet Laureates
  31. US Poet Laureates From New Hampshire
  32. Contact Info for Publisher of VPN: Ron Lewis
  33. Vermont Literary Journals
  34. Vermont Literary Groups’ Anthologies
  35. Vermont Poetry Blogs
  36. State Poetry Society (PSOV)
  37. Year-Round Poetry Workshops in Vermont
  38. Other Poetry Workshops in Vermont
  39. Year-Round Poetry Writing Centers in Vermont
  40. Other Writing Groups in Vermont
  41. Poetry Event Calendar

1.) About the Vermont Poetry Newsletter Network

The Vermont Poetry Newsletter Network is made up of people of all backgrounds, ages and skills who appreciate the craft of poetry and want to promote it in the beautiful state of Vermont. The network consists of a free e-mail list, an eventual web site, workshops, open mics, poetry performances and other literary events.  The network provides opportunities to meet local poets, talk about and enjoy poetry, and motivate and inspire yourself in whatever writing projects you are involved.

The mission of the Vermont Poetry Newsletter is to foster the poetry arts community in the Green Mountain State. Its goals are to serve as a resource for and about VT poets; to support the development of individual poets; and to encourage an audience for poetry in Vermont.

2.) Dear Friends of Poetry:

Many of you are now receiving my email that alerts you to when a new Vermont Poetry Newsletter is ready for viewing, along with a fully updated calendar of events. This procedure seems to be working beautifully, and seems to have had an invigorating effect on Vermont’s poetry “scene” as well as for Patrick Gillespie’s poetry blog:

Well, that was one great National Poetry Month! I did not go to nearly the number of readings that I had planned on, but I did go to some memorable ones, nonetheless. The greatest gift of poetry that I gave to myself over this month of madness was a go hear Donald Hall in the small setting of Arlington High School’s Mack Performance Arts Center. For those of you who still don’t believe that big things can happen in small venues, then this would have been an eye-opener for you. This tiny high school, with the leadership of Hank Barthel, an English teacher with foresight and determination, coupled with the school’s supportive Principal, Kerry Csizmesia, bringing the talents of big-name poets has become reality. From the first invitee, Robert Creeley, who read before a dozen people in the cafeteria, to Donald Hall, who packed a new performance center, Hank has brought 13 renowned poets to this setting in rural Vermont. Unfortunately, Hank is retiring in June, after 28 devoted years to the teaching of English literature. He will be sorely missed, but not forgotten, as Kerry made sure of that – he had a huge framed display erected in the hallway, just outside the doors of the performance center, that had photos of each of the 13 poets, plus that of Hank’s, along with brass plaques of their bio’s. From all of us who love poetry here in Vermont, thank you, Hank!

Ron Lewis
VPN Publisher

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