Vermont Poetry Newsletter • March 25 2010

[The Vermont Poetry Newsletter is not issued by me but by Ron Lewis, by whose permission I post this. PLEASE NOTE: I have edited his newsletter so that links are provided rather than text. If I cannot find a link, I will either omit the relevant portion of the newsletter to avoid copyright violations, or I will provide an alternate link. Please contact Ron Lewis if you would like to receive his Newsletter in full. All images are linked.]

Vermont Poetry Newsletter

Your Poetry & Spoken Word Gateway in the Green Mountain State
March 25, 2010 (Previous issue: 02/17) – In This Issue:

  1. About VPN
  2. Newsletter Editor’s Note
  3. Writing Assignment/Suggestion/Exercise/Prompt
  4. The Salon – A New Vermont Literary Magazine
  5. All Things Kunitz
  6. David Barber, The Atlantic’s Poetry Editor
  7. Panhala: Where Poetry and Picture Capture Laughter
  8. David Budbill Poem
  9. Burlington Poetry Journal Update
  10. PSOV Spring Luncheon, Featuring Baron Wormser
  11. A Surge of Language, By Baron Wormser and David Cappella
  12. Intro Prize in Poetry, Four Way Books
  13. 2010 Indiana Review Poetry Prize
  14. Kay Ryan’s Latest Book: The Best Of It
  15. A Poet Who Doesn’t Do Lofty: Tina Chang
  16. 40 Poems That T.S. Eliot Wanted to Hide
  17. Celebrated Poet and OSU Professor Ai Ogawa Dies
  18. Blog Memoriam to Ai Ogawa
  19. Huu Loan, Vietnamese Poet Dies
  20. Did You Know? Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference
  21. Ponderings: 2010 Olympic Games Opens With Poem
  22. Poetry Quote – C.K. Williams (Plus Article)
  23. Failbetter Poem
  24. Linebreak Poem
  25. American Life in Poetry Poems
  26. US Poets Laureate List
  27. Vermont Poet Laureates
  28. US Poet Laureates From Vermont
  29. New Hampshire Poet Laureates
  30. US Poet Laureates From New Hampshire
  31. Contact Info for Publisher of VPN: Ron Lewis
  32. Vermont Literary Journals
  33. Vermont Literary Groups’ Anthologies
  34. Vermont Poetry Blogs
  35. State Poetry Society (PSOV)
  36. Year-Round Poetry Workshops in Vermont
  37. Other Poetry Workshops in Vermont
  38. Year-Round Poetry Writing Centers in Vermont
  39. Other Writing Groups in Vermont
  40. Poetry Event Calendar

Newsletter Editor’s Note

1.) About the Vermont Poetry Newsletter Network

The Vermont Poetry Newsletter Network is made up of people of all backgrounds, ages and skills who appreciate the craft of poetry and want to promote it in the beautiful state of Vermont. The network consists of a free e-mail list, an eventual web site, workshops, open mics, poetry performances and other literary events. The network provides opportunities to meet local poets, talk about and enjoy poetry, and motivate and inspire yourself in whatever writing projects you are involved.

The mission of the Vermont Poetry Newsletter is to foster the poetry arts community in the Green Mountain State. Its goals are to serve as a resource for and about VT poets; to support the development of individual poets; and to encourage an audience for poetry in Vermont.

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