Shakespeare’s Other Plays

  • While sorting through information for my last post, I stumbled on a book by Jeffery Kahan • Shakespeare imitations, parodies and forgeries, 1710-1820. The book clocks in at 1188 pages (all three volumes combined). For the pleasure of its company, you can expect to pay $8.04 per page. And that’s marked down from the book’s original $9,999.00 price tag. That’s so stupidly high (and, no, Kahan’s commentary is not worth $9,900) that I have generously provided texts for all but two of the book’s plays. And, by the way, Kahan, like me, doesn’t find any evidence to support  Shakespeare’s hand in The Double Falsehood.

Volume 1

The Tragedy of Jane Shore Written in Imitation of Shakespear’s Style • Nicholas Rowe

The Revenge • Edward Young

The Double Falsehood • Lewis Theobald

The Miller of Mansfield • Robert Dodsley

Edward the Black Prince • William Shirley

Volume 2

The Earl of Essex. Written in Imitation of Shakespear’s Style (1753) Henry Jones

Douglas. Written in Imitation of Shakespeare’s Style (1756) John Home

Edgar and Emmeline. A Comedy in Two Acts (1761)  Dr John Hawkesworth

Falstaff’s Wedding, A Comedy in the imitation of Shakespere (1766) William Kenrick

The Earl of Warwick (1766) Dr Francklin

Henry II, or the Fall of Rosemond (1773)  Thomas Hull

Volume III

Vortigern, A Tragedy in Five Acts (1796)
Henry II, an Historical Drama (1796) William-Henry Ireland

De Monfort (1800) Joanne Baillie

Brutus; or The Fall of Tarquin (1818) John Howard Payne