100,000 Hits

ChairOK, granted, probably 2 out of 10 came to the site by mistake, maybe closer to 3, but the hit count is gratifying.

I remember being pleased when my stats reached 10,000.

And 100,000 is still chump change compared to Silliman’s blog, racing toward 3,000,000.

But the interest shown in my efforts encourages me to do more and work harder. I’ve followed up on some of my promises (examining more poetry by Donne) but haven’t followed up on others (more posts on the imagery of various poets and poems). I also haven’t produced any longer poems this summer – just a few haiku.

I’m out of work. Homeowners aren’t hiring carpenters.

I’m eating into savings and I’m beginning to wonder which direction I should go. Should I pick up another trade? Should I try to write and publish some children’s stories? Should I try teaching literature at a community college?

Probably all of those.

Truth is, I enjoy writing this blog more than I’ve enjoyed any other writing. I just need to turn my writing into income. That I haven’t done so yet falls squarely on my own shoulders. Time to get busy, or get poor.


7 responses

  1. Thanks guys, and thanks for the advice Rob. I just checked out Vermont Community Colleges this afternoon. I’m going to have to dust off my resume for the first time in a decade.

  2. Turning one’s writing into income: Talk about easier said than done! A tiny minority of all books accounts for the vast majority of sales. What that means for authors is that, unless you’re a Dan Brown or Sarah Palin, subsistence had best be sought elsewhere.


  3. Well, then, a carpenter by trade! So few people know what a noble craft that is.
    I’ve finished drywall for near 30 years, but these economic times are the strangest I’ve ever experienced. Now I install more and more drywall, repair plaster, paint, you name it. I’ve had to market to foreclosure flippers-perhaps the most difficult to do what with the lack of quality typically existing when a home (or, mostly rental properties) reaches that stage of disrepair. Yet they want it done yesterday and for a pittance of what we once could demand. A sudden overabundance of new workers, you might say.
    I missed the boat, too late (or too stubborn) to seek a change. Now I write something most everyday just to maintain my sanity, to observe life from an objective view. And a learning curve at that! What fun…

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