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  1. its autumn everywhere you turn in this one… and its wonderfully poetic … I like it a lot

    sorry I missed it – my computer is back in action but for some unknown reason the wireless no longer works… Im sat cross legged on the tiles near the modem as we speak… rest assured I will continue to suffer for your art…

    as always,



    • No, but I’ll have to read some of Metz’s writing.

      I checked out his website. His stuff is definitely modern and definitely abstract, as you say. It doesn’t do much for me emotionally and doesn’t yet make me want to try my hand at it. They’re like “conceptual haiku”.

      That said, I’m glad he’s writing them. I’d be interested to hear him discuss his own haiku and approach.

      And yes, I could see why you would like them! If you head off in this direction, I’ll be *really* interested to see what you come up with.


  2. Loved this Patrick. I have a few haiku in my recent posts, one Villanelle called Autumn Will, and also just wrote a new modern Villanelle (modern means I didn’t follow all the rules, because I’m a modern woman, and I don’t have to ;-) Hope you enjoy, and for obvious reasons, share the link to the 9/11 poem tomorrow.
    Best always


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