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    • I’m sure there must be other haiku along these lines. It’s probably a fairly common image.

      This particular haiku was written about an actual train car up in Grand Isle. It’s an old lounge car and is sitting on two lengths of track just longer than its wheel base. All the rest of the track is gone (if it was ever there).

      I’ve been taking a kind of vacation from my blog this August. I spent all of last with my family in Grand Isle, Vermont. As far as I’m concerned, among the most beautiful stretches of land and water on the planet. My girls were going to an all girl skateboard camp.


  1. an all girl skateboard camp? you must be so proud.

    I wasnt very successful getting that many pictures up of Grand Isle – not sure why – got lots of Vermont maps though – I hadnt realised you really are ‘up in Vermont’ – to the point of almost being mistaken for a Canadian


    • The girls are amazing. I grew long boarding, for the most part, but skate parks are popping up everywhere.

      I’ve been polishing up my skate park skills, like “dropping in”. I just started to work on the half pipe.

      Grand Isle itself isn’t the story, it’s what you see from Grand Isle. To get an idea, just Google Images for “Lake Champlain”. The pictures don’t do justice, of course. Depending on where you stand, the Lake stretches beyond the horizon in both directions, the Adirondacks on one side and the Green Mountains on the other. A windy day can whip up some impressive waves, equivalent to an average day on the Atlantic. The sweetest thing, thought, is that it’s all fresh water and warm.

      Next year I plan on having a new digital camera (CANON T1i) and will take some pictures.


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