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  1. very pretty image with a beautiful choice of words… I like the idea of the stillness of the flower’s reflection in the running water…

    the etchings that you illustrate your haiku with are very beautiful… do they exist in the real world or just as jpegs?


    • Emma, thanks so much. I think my haiku feel so conventional compared to yours.

      The etchings are blockprints and they do exist in the real world. They’re by Tracy, my wife. I plan on making them available via the sidebar, shortly.


  2. such a creative couple!

    thanks for the compliment. it means a great deal coming from you.

    I dont see your haiku as convential – theyre consistently good – and sometimes outstandingly brilliant (your sun tattoo ku is still one of my all time favourites) – whereas I feel my haiku, with the variety of subject matter and styles, are a little hit and miss sometimes. but Im enjoying myself and people seem to read it… all that counts really.


  3. Gawd, its midnight and I should be asleep, but Im not. Im writing to you.

    My computer is off to get fixed tomorrow. I knew youd sympathise. Last time I ended up with 3 or 4 haiga ideas rattling in my head and nowhere to vent. Drove me nuts.

    Anyway, Im going through a dry spell. I came here hoping to inspire you to inspire me.

    Oh, and I wish Polona would come back on line.

    Should go to bed. Im getting maudlin now. Its late.


  4. Emma! How good to hear from you. My computer break down completely knocked me off my stride. Completely. I haven’t written any haiku in about two weeks. I haven’t worked on poetry in the last three… Good grief. I’m relearning how to write on paper.

    Your *do* inspire me. I’ll write a haiku tonight.


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