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  1. Hi Patrick – We’re definately on different wavelengths today – after being in sync for so long I suppose it was bound to happen.

    Ive thought about these since last night and I have to admit you got me – the devils paint brush – where did this come from? what are you trying achieve – Im sure Im missing something…

    as a lover (and collector) of paint swatches I thought the first 3 lines were very funny, but then I got lost

    also ‘the devil’s brush’ sounds a little more direct, but again, its hard to comment

    Id be keen to hear what inspired these

    xx Dalloway


  2. A “Devil’s Paint Brush is a flower. Does this make more sense?

    I *love* these little flowers and was thinking about them all day. The three different haiku are just playful ideas.

    If you look up the flowers on-line, you’ll see their colors are like the colors of sunset. So the second haiku was playing on the idea that a “devil’s” paintbrush “robs” colors rather than leaving color behind.

    The last haiku plays on the idea of the devil being afraid of the dark. (The flowers close at night.)

    But maybe none of this worked?

    Please, please feel free to respond honestly. : )


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