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  1. Its always a good day when I get treated to a C&D or a PoemShape haiku…

    even suffering writers block you still manage to come up with something delightful…

    does this one come with a movie recommendation too? (Im going to have to buy Im Juli… I cant find it anywhere – not even at the German Film Festival thats currently on).


  2. i know the feeling all too well… :(
    still, this is a wonderful haiku

    oh, and patrick, please don’t bother about visiting or not… i understand. actually, i’ve been on the verge of closing down the comments on my blog on a few occasions because i didn’t feel like visiting others…

    stunning bird, btw :)


    • Thank you, Polona. I don’t get nearly the number of comments you do – and you deserve every one.

      But don’t feel obligated to comment at my site. That gets exhausting.


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