April 20 2009 – small of her back



8 responses

  1. Im struggling to find the words to say how brilliant I think this is. Im laughing too much and Im in awe. Its so simple, and so compelling. And its about staring at the sun!

    I wish I had written it. I truly do.

    I will have to content myself with the fact that at least I inspired it.

    I have a small list of people I know that show flashes of mad genius. Youve just been added, Patrick.

    • Who doesn’t love to be complimented?

      I am butter. Sliced. On a hot day. In your hand.

      Have you seen the movie: “Im Juli”? It’s a German Film. Watch it, Dalloway. You’ll love it and you’ll know why I recommended it.

    • you crack me up.

      I’ll see if I can track it down. I dont like to admit it but Australia’s a bit of a backwater when it comes to things like international films…

    • will do.

      um, patrick, Im assuming you chose those images for Polona and me? I mean its a dead likeness of me but I always figure Polona’s less purple blob monster, more spikey and orange.

  2. Dalloway,

    Just in case you check in here – I tried to comment at your blog but something’s up with blogger. Just wanted you to know that I liked your latest haibun – interesting and very original. I like it.

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