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  1. i feel for you – we’ve all been there, over and over again… perhaps you and the crow can swap…

    excellent senryu. Im impressed you can get ‘same’ in there 4 times so effectively.

    heres hoping the trip to work is more eventful tomorrow.

  2. i agree with dalloway – the repetition works very effectively here and seems to enhance the tedium of daily work.
    and it makes me wonder, is it the same crow?

  3. Your reactions are interesting to me. And yes, it’s the same crow. I saw the poem as being humorous. Both me and the crow return daily. I have my job. The crow has his.

  4. patrick,

    likening your plight to that of the crows certainly adds an element of humour, but the repetition emphasises the tedium – making it an excellent senryu

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