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    • I’m such a novice I forgot L! I mean L! of all letters!
      I edited the post and made L one of my favorites:
      “L is for moist lips, licking the tips, of my nipples so fair”

      I like that play on words.
      Thanks for recommending my site on your blog. And YEAH “all smiles”…perfect!


    • When I went to youtube my volume was cranked (little did I know) and the browser, volume control, et al., with a freakish sense of synchronicity, locked up. It’s OK, but not as good as mine. ;-)


  1. “E is Exquisite
    F words are not.”

    UPINVERMONT, excuse me to please, but

    E is Exquisite but
    F ‘s for ‘quisite F action,

    if you don’t mind.

    Finally, would peek have been better in : “Where boys like to pry.”?
    Way to go!


  2. UPINVERMONT, greetings!

    Have been out of action all this time because of health problems. Hoping to crawl back to ‘normalcy’ starting today, two days after being discharged from hospital.

    Wish me luck just as I wish you all the luck in the world. I believe the whole world conspires to give us what we ardently desire and focus on.

    So, THUMS UP! Thums Up is also the name of a drink matching Coke.


    • Thanks Kenneth. If one must be discharged from a hospital, then this is a good time of the year for that. I do wish you luck and I can see, by your choice of reading matter, that you’re ready to get back into the swing of life. Thumbs up! :-)


  3. Almost playing with opposing ideas, and I like it. The alphabet/ acrostic poem style reminds me of simpler, perhaps even childlike times, but the content is strongly contradictory.


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