The Songbird – A Fable with Poetry

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woodcut-swan-fade-correctedI wasn’t sure whether I would post my fables but many of them include poetry and many of them are all but prose-poems. The poems, or songs, are based on songs from Shakespeare’s plays – the structure and the rhyme scheme. I experimented in the last of the songs, using the older forms of the pronouns. I will print the three poems separately in posts that follow. I didn’t think it would make sense to post them as separate from the fable in which they were created. Page 1 The Songbird (No background) Page 2 The Songbird (No background) Page 3 The Songbird (No background) Page 4 The Songbird (No background) Page 5 The Songbird (No background) Page 6 The Songbird (No background) Page 7 The Songbird (No background)

16 responses

  1. Beautiful, romantic, mysterious – just as a good tale should be! Reminds of the tales by H.C. Andersen.

    Congratulations to an enchanting and interesting blog – I just found it and I will certainly come back many times. Also give my compliments to your wife for the lovely woodcut prints!
    I write a blog myself, about literature – I am a passionate reader – but it’s in Swedish. The link to your blog was Petrarch and sonnets.

    Kind regards, Eva


  2. Thank you, especially for the complimentary comparison to Andersen. I love Andersen’s stories.

    And I *did* give my wife your compliments. I have asked her to make more block prints for my blog.

    Please *do* check in. I will be posting many more fables.


  3. I enjoyed the fables and woodcuts and their styles- the fable is engaging, the woodcuts simple and powerful. I came across you as I search for different ways to integrate literature, poetry, storytelling, arts/performing arts into my teaching to deepen my elementary students’ enjoyment & passion for learning….and I love a good tale- I look forward to more.


    • Hi Samantha, thank you so much for your comment. I will post more fables and stories. I have many more. If you ever use anything of mine, I would enjoy hearing how it turned out. My own children seem to enjoy the stories.


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