Opening Book: Wedding Preamble Page 39

This is a poem I wrote for my own wedding and had only two days to do it. For the fun of it (and to make it easier) I based it on the Elizabethan model for working out ideas – which they called the Topics of Invention and taught in grade school. (So… the poem has that sound to it). My preamble has actually been a very popular poem and if you would like to use it, please feel free. But I have two favors to ask.

Leave a comment. It will make my day.

Second, if anybody asks, remember where you found it. Be sure to send them here.

Page 39 Wedding Preamble

5 responses

  1. Some phrases are exquisite like the lover’s kiss on kiss, rain lifting summer out of wintered fields, snows melt October trees.
    The ending is a good climax with a profound impact.
    Well done, Mr Gillespie.


    • Thanks N., the poem, to me, feels a bit wooden and formulaic when a look back on it, but it was written that way. A bit of an experiment. I had all of a day or so to write it. :-)


  2. Thinking of it, could this poem be Elizabethan, in that it is written to someone, as you say in the “Teaching Poetry” post?
    Then, what anyone feels about it becomes immaterial compared to what Mrs G feels about it, whose opinion, I’m sure, would be closer to mine than yours. :-)


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