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  1. intriguing… and it leaves me with more questions than answers (how old is the daughter? who is the one counting, and why?)
    but that’s ok – it allows the reader to create their own image(s)

    the snow here has almost vanished… all that’s left are the remnants of those piles by the road… and the ground is all wet and muddy… it only stopped raining today.


  2. Thank you *so* much Polona. I changed the haiku.

    I think this might better capture the spirit in which I meant it. I have two daughters, each just turned eight, and a 5 year old daughter.


  3. ah yes, this adds the cheerful note that i kind of missed in the previous version.

    as for my last entry — it is basically just a sketch although it does have a deeper personal meaning which i choose not to share.
    (also, it’s not easy to come up with quality stuff plus find a photo to match on a regular basis… i used to post daily but can’t keep up anymore)


  4. Creating something good, and everyday, is something I strive to do.

    I’ve been posting a lot lately, staying up late after work, and I am exhausted.

    Knowing there are others, like you, makes it easier. I suspect even a recluse is reassured knowing there’s another recluse next door.


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