Opening Book: The Merry-Go-Round Page 26

Page 26 The Merry-go-Round

5 responses

  1. Thank you. I read that through several times, aloud, and I really like it. I love the modest, hopeful turn at the end. I’ll keep this in mind for a while.

    I also write, and blog, in VT, and enjoy your work. Thanks again.

    • Hi Matthew. Yes, Opening Book was published in that old format, a little before E-Books were really catching on. It’s still around. At some point, I’ll have to publish an E-Book. What brings you up to Vermont?

  2. I miss Philadelphia, but we moved up to be closer to our extended families. Brattleboro is a great town, especially for visual artists. I would love to go to more readings, and start to read more myself. I have done it twice: one OK, once kinda weak. Not everything works out loud, or I (more likely) need to learn how to make things work. Where are you?

    I think you commented on the sonnet “Success”? Thanks.

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