Opening Book: The Ghost at High Tide Page 10-12

[This is an old poem, written in 1989. I wrote it for an actress wanting a soliloquy for an audition. I still wasn’t writing blank verse up to this point.]




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  1. Backward Vermont Poet, did I exhaust your interest in Yeats? I’ve not seen you reply either here or on Amazon classical-music discussion forums. I would glad to pursue this with you and have a yarn about music and poetry, as you proposed. I even foolishly ventured to leave a poor sonnet on the Do You Dare board.

    –Edgar Self


  2. Hello Edgar!

    You did not exhaust my interest in Yeats. It’s 6:30 in the morning and I’m racing to get to work! My favorite form is blank verse, and though Yeats’ work in the form is uneven, his powerful diction, built on rhetorical patterning, is to me the most compelling since Marlowe. I read him for that.

    He rarely brings me to a stop, though, with the beauty or originality of an image. In that sense, he reminds me more of Massinger. There’s rarely an image that makes the reader want to stop, linger over it, turn it in the hand like a finely cut gem.

    The other facet of Yeats is his willful nationality – his references to myths and topical subjects that no one without annotation could ever appreciate or comprehend. I don’t have patience for that. I leave those pleasures to the Irish which, in fact, is exactly what Yeats wanted.

    Tell me though, what you enjoy about Yeats. I want to hear more.


  3. You must live near the ocean. You are truly inspired by it. I lost a son 2002 and your poem “the ghost at high tide nautilus” reminds me of him. Lovely poem. We’re still banging away at the Keats-Dickinson essay. It’s coming along. Have a gerat day!


  4. I stumbled upon your website because I have a new interest in poetry, I was practicing poem-writing, and what I had written seemed too heavy with adjectives. Having no poetry education, I googled “adjectives in poetry,” and found your wonderful article from several years ago about my very topic, and much more. Wondering whether your site was still active, I traveled to the Home page and explored from there. Anyway, what I came here to say is, this poem made me cry.


    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks so much for your note. All of my posts are current and my site is very active. I’ve been writing a haiku a day for the past year. At present, the hermit, me, is in Berlin, Germany. I’m sitting at the Bleibtreu as I write this. And thank you so much for visiting my poetry and sharing your response. I have more to write, I hope.


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