Opening Book: The Evening Coming Page 9

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[This is the first poem from Opening Book, published in 2000. I will be posting every poem in the book over the course of the next several weeks. My tragic flaw is that I am a very poor self-promoter and I have never been all that interested in publishing, fame or fortune. If you like any of these poems send me a note. I’ll send a copy of the book for the price of postage. I love giving readings & try to accept all invites – distance permitting.]

Page 9 The Evening Coming

5 responses

  1. This is beautiful, not least because it feels made. A crafted work is rare these days and somehow reassuring. For what its worth, I’ve spent the day with Shakespeare’ sonnets and Ms Vendler (and God bless her!)…and your poems are consonant with these.


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  3. Dear Mr Gillespie,

    I discovered, and joined, PoemShape a few weeks ago, and since then have been completely absorbed in reading everything that you have written on the net. Forgive me if I say I think of you as a treasure chest.

    Obviously, I both write (amateurishly) and study poetry, so I lost no time in sending for your book from Amazon UK, and find it difficult to wait for its arrival. (I noted your kind offer to send a copy in return for the cost of postage, but you have given me so much pleasure, that I could not possibly take advantage of your generosity. I hope that you will not take offense).

    Very best wishes to you,



    • Thank you, James.

      If I could just figure out a way to make a living at this, then I would do nothing but.

      As for my poetry, I get both praise and detractors. Your kindness makes the soup just about right, neither too sweet nor too sour. :-)


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